The Five I’s To Help You Build a Personal Connection with God

Establishing a pure, personal connection with God is easier said than done. According to PEW research, about 27% of U.S. adults reported considering themselves spiritual but not religious. These results signify the need to bridge this growing gap between spirituality and religion. If you’re a Christian, it is essential to have a strong personal relationship with Jesus. The 29 Day Leap by Dan Buschow & John Harrison revolves around the same theme. Dan Buschow has introduced the “Five I’s,” which are the key aspects of every spiritual journey.

Dan says, “It is my prayer that The 29 Day Leap will help you on your journey to take the next step or maybe the first step in growing in your personal relationship with Jesus. The Leap will challenge you, with the “Five I’s,” to develop a habit of spending time with God.”

Here is what Dan Buschow’s Five I’s theory encapsulates:

I # 1: I’m thankful

Here, Dan is urging you to practice gratitude at all times. As part of your daily journaling, make a list of all things you are grateful for and thank the Lord for showering his mercy and bounties upon you. There are millions of people in the world who might not even have half of what you have achieved. Therefore, a little gratitude each day goes a long way, bringing you one step closer to your Lord.

I # 2: Introspection

While one cannot control what happened in the past, every Christian should strive to reflect on their actions each day. Introspection helps you better assess yourself and helps break the communication barrier between you and God.

I # 3: Insight

Dan has beautifully articulated the significance of looking into God’s word in The 29 Day Leap guidebook. Being insightful about God’s teachings and journaling about them each day will help strengthen your personal bond with Him. A pro tip is to write down your favorite verses each day to be able to adapt them in your everyday life.

I # 4: Intercession

Spirituality is not just a personal matter; it should reflect everything you do. Being part of the Christian community, it is our duty to look out for the needs of others and contribute as much as we can to help someone out in distress. God loves a kind and empathetic soul, and that’s what intercession teaches us, to pray for the well-being of others.

I # 5: Isolation

Here, Dan urges his readers to identify people around them who might be isolated from God or missing out on that spiritual connection. You need to reach out to these people in your life and lend them a helping hand to rekindle their relationship with the Lord.

“We challenge you to apply these Five I’s teachings and principles. They can be a great resource to help you as you reach out to mentor or disciple someone in your world. Take The 29 Day Leap. It just might change your life, forever.” added Dan.

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