The 29 Day Leap

Discover the Ripple Effect of Faith with The 29 Day Leap Daily Journal

The 29 Day Leap by Dan Buschow & John Harrison is a daily devotional journal plus a spiritual guide that aims to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. This unique Christianity book focuses on journaling as a learning tool to develop the habit of connecting with the Lord. When you read the book every day and start journaling your spiritual journey, it helps reinforce your faith and makes you feel a special one-on-one connection with the Lord.

The 29 Day Leap also introduces us to a new way of conducting a spiritual growth journey. It’s through a ripple effect, referred to as the ‘RippleStarter’ in the book.

So, who is a RippleStarter, and why do you need to become one? Keep reading to find out!

Becoming a #RippleStarter

The idea of becoming a #RippleStarter was introduced by Dan Buschow and John Harrison in The 29 Day Leap Book. They define it as someone who seeks to be a disciple-maker or spiritual reproducer. Dan says that becoming a #RippleStarter encompasses the new ‘ROI of Mentoring,’ which means your ‘Ripple of Impact.’

In The 29 Day Leap guide, a disciple-maker is described as someone who aims to create a ripple effect in how they approach things in life. They wish to inspire and mentor people around them and create a trickle-down impact to pass their knowledge and learnings on to others. They want to help ignite passion, purpose, and faith in people in their world.

Here are the four simple steps you need to take to become a #RippleStarter.

Step # 1 – Making the Connection

A #RippleStarter begins by creating a personalized bond plus meaningful connections with the people around them. You need to get to know someone on a personal level before you can try to inspire, motivate or challenge them. Start with identifying the people in your circle who are missing out on this personal connection with the Lord or could use a “nudge” to step into their relationship with God. You could send a text, make a phone call, or send them an email. What about beginning with a simple meetup over coffee or at the library to break the ice.

Step # 2 – Lead the Conversation

Not only do you have to be the conversation starter, but you also lead it if you wish to become a #RippleStarter. When you have a meaningful conversation with a loved one, friend, or someone in your world it could be the start of a long-lasting impact and your “ripple of influence” on their life.

A pro-tip is choosing an appropriate place and timing for starting the conversation, such as a coffee shop, park, library, or at a family dinner at home.

Step # 3 – Find Your Common Ground

Finding something in common with the other person will help drive your narrative. Now that they can relate with you, you can start talking about becoming a #RippleStarter.Your voice will be heard this time.

Keep in mind that the primary goal of a #RippleStarter is to give fuel to a person’s faith. Therefore, finding common ground truly helps establish the level of trust and comfort that you need for the ripple effect to work.

Step 4 – Determine the Consistency

Consistency is the strengthening factor of every relationship. Therefore, the Ripple Impact focuses on consistency to make a real impact on anyone’s life.

You need to be consistent and devoted to your mission of becoming a #RippleStarter. Map out how often you need to meet the person and how often you have had the conversation with them. This would help you keep track of how far ahead you are in your #RippleStarter mission and how much more effort you need to put in.

The Bottom Line

Are you feeling inspired to become a #RippleStarter?Start your daily devotional journey withThe 29 Day Leap today. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit the website for more details.

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