Daily  Devotional  &  Journal

The 29
   Day Leap

Undertake the 29 Day spiritual journey to strengthen your relationship with God through quiet reflection and journaling.

About The Co-Authors

Dan Buschow

Dan is an accomplished leader and a devoted family man with four decades of ministry and leadership experience. He is an executive coach and trainer who leverages his talents and passions by challenging people to grow and develop into the best version of who God made them to be. He believes in spiritual reproduction and challenges people to learn to be a disciple-maker.

Dan is an effective coach and speaker who has helped countless people and organizations by using mentorship to guide them towards positive personal and professional growth.

John Harrison

John is professional with eight years of experience in business development, consulting, and operations. He is a devout Christian and has been passionate about helping people realize their full potential. John’s spiritual journey towards God helped him find himself and grow into the person he is today.

John is an avid reader and a loving husband and spends his free time outdoors and with his friends and family.

Overview of
the Book

The 29 Day Leap is a book that will help you kickstart your spiritual journey through the simple process of reflection, implementation, and journaling. The book presents a daily challenge to make you think about your life, attitude, choices, and situations you face in life.

As you question the world around you, the book presents scriptures that can provide wisdom and guide you towards a growing relationship with God. Lastly, the book will also introduce you to journaling to help you find a quiet time of reflection and help you record your personal and spiritual growth as you take the leap of faith.

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Sample of the Inside Pages

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