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4 Life Lessons from The 29 Day Leap

If you are interested in Christianity books, you must read ‘The 29 Day Leap’ by Dan Buschow and John Harrison. The book provides a one-of-a-kindguide on building a stronger connection with Jesus.

Here are 4 Important Life Lessons that you will learn after reading the book:

Life Lesson # 1: Why Is Having Faith Important?

The 29 Day Leap teaches us an important life lesson about faith. It says that you cannot please God if you do not have faith. Having unblinded faith in God’s supreme power is essential for young Christians if they wish to establish a stronger bond with Him. Faith helps with contentment as well. This is because if you carry faith in your heart, you can trust all the things you can see plus all those you cannot see. Faith is believing that Jesus has your back, no matter what happens. He will be there to help you when you need it.

Life Lesson # 2 – How to Deal With Depression?

The ups and downs of life take their toll on every one; this is why so many youngsters are caught knee-deep in a puddle of depression with no way out. The 29 Day Leap teaches you how to deal with depression when you feel like nothing seems to be working in your favor.

To answer your question, the book quotes this verse from Psalm 9:9 –10

 “The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed (depressed), a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

According to this verse, it is clear that during times of sorrow, Jesus will be your savior. If you feel down and depressed, the best thing to do is turn to your Lord for help. You need to have this strong faith in your heart that the Lord will be on your side no matter what happens. This faith will help deal with depression and make you look at things from a positive perspective.

Life Lesson # 3 – How to Deal With Fear?

The 29 Day Leap reminds us that there is nothing in the world that we should be afraid of when we have God on our side. It is also mentioned in the Bible that God is our constant companion, and He will protect us forever. If you pray to God with your heart, He will remove the sense of fear from your heart and make you feel confident about yourself without any doubts or second thoughts.

Life Lesson # 4: What to Do When Someone Breaks Your Heart?

It is impossible to avoid heartbreak in life. It can happen to you sooner or later. If you’re unlucky in love, then you might also experience heartbreak more frequently than others. No matter who broke your heart or how many times it happened, there is always one solution to dealing with the situation. It is to accept reality and move on.

It is natural to have expectations and feel hurt when they are not fulfilled how you want them to. This is why ‘The 29 Day Leap’ teaches us that we should only have expectations from Jesus, as He is the only one who can fulfill them. As stated earlier, God is on our side, and He can be that one friend we need to heal from a broken heart.

The Bottom Line

After reading this blog on ‘4 Life Lessons from The 29 Day Leap’, we hope you will already be on your way to purchase a copy of the book. You can buy it fromAmazon or Barnes & Barnes or visit the website for more information.

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