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4 Reasons Every Christian Needs to Read The 29 Day Leap

Spirituality comes from within, but it is also true that reading can help instill this passion in you. When it comes to spiritual healing and establishing a strong bond with Jesus, there are certain things that we need to follow and make part of everyday life. This is why ‘The 29 Day Leap’ is considered an excellent read for Christian books lovers.

If you are looking for a book on Christianity that can help you build a strong connection with the Lord in a practical way, you must get yourself a copy of this one-of-a-kind book by Dan Buschow and John Harrison.

Let’s take a look at ‘4 reasons Every Christian Needs to Read The 29 Day Leap.’

Reason # 1: It Helps Develop a Habit of Spending Time With Jesus

We are all so busy in the hustle-bustle of life that spending some quality time conversing with the Lord is something that many young Christians struggle with. Reading ‘The 29 Day Leap’ book will easily help overcome this problem.

The book provides a code of conduct to follow, according to which you can strengthen your bond with Jesus in just 29 days. More than anything, the reader will encourage other young Christians to make it a habit to spend some regular quality time connecting with the Lord.

Reason # 2: It Teaches You the Five I’s Ideology

The 29 Day Leap focuses on developing the reader’s interest and teaches them the significance of these five key areas called “The Five I’s.” Here is what these Five I’s encapsulate:

1. I’m thankful – Here, the reader will focus on being grateful for things in life.

2. Introspection – Here, the reader will focus on reflecting on their actions from yesterday.

3. Insight – Here, the reader will dive deeper and explore God’s Word.

4. Intercession – Here, the reader will focus on looking out for the needs of others

5. Isolation – Here, the reader will focus on identifying who they need to reach out to or who is isolated from God in their family or friend’s circle.

Reason # 3: It Encourages Spirituality Through Journaling

One of the best things about the 29 Day Leap is that it teaches you about spirituality through the art of journaling. Once you get in the habit of writing about your daily life, worship, and acts of kindness, it is only natural to practice ad adopt the same in your routine.

Reason # 4: It Offers Guaranteed Results

Last but not the least, as the name suggests, The 29 Day Leap book is a challenging book for Christians that offers guaranteed results. So, this means that within 29 days, you will get one step closer to Jesus and know how to spend some alone time in spirituality. The 29 Day Leap will also help develop personal skills and make you grow on an individual level, not just as a member of the Christian community.

The Bottom Line

The 29 Day Leap book is an incredible read for young Christians if they wish to strengthen their spiritual bond and also add discipline to their chaotic life. If you want to read ‘The 29 Day Leap’, you can purchase it from Amazon or Barnes & Barnes or visit the website for more details. Good luck!

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