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3 Ways to Evaluate and Transform Your Relationship with God

The 29 Day Leap by Dan Buschow & John Harrison is a comprehensive guide and journaling book aimed at helping Christians build a stronger one-on-one relationship with God. The book emphasizes journaling as a mode of teaching and encouraging spiritual enlightenment.

Dan shares his thoughts, saying, “It is a plan to help younger and older followers of Christ develop a habit of spending time with Jesus. Your personal relationship with God will grow daily as you develop the habit of journaling and sharing your story with people in your world. As you learn to journal and share your story daily, this habit will result in you having an intimate, growing, and dynamic relationship with God.”

Inspired from The 29 Day Leap, here are three ways you can evaluate and transform your relationship with God:

  1. The first step is to read the word of the Lord, the Bible, on a regular basis. You cannot expect to form an ever-lasting bond with Jesus without being well-versed with the Bible. This is the first litmus test that helps identify how strong your personal connection with God is. Once you start reading and studying the Bible in detail, it will become easier for you to follow the teachings of God and practice them in life. The more you know about the Bible, the closer you get to God.

As Dan mentions in The 29 Day Leap, “As a follower of Christ, we know spending time daily with Jesus should not be optional. When it comes to hearing God’s voice in our lives, God can speak to us in different ways, but one way is through what we read in the Bible.”

  • Praying is the simplest form of communication with the Lord. If you do not prioritize your prayers, forming a purely spiritual bond with the Lord is impossible. Being Christian, it’s our responsibility to be regular with our prayers and always include them in our schedule. Prayer can be in various forms, be it adoration, confession, supplication, or journaling. You have to be consistent and thorough with them in order to ensure a deeper connection with Jesus. Journaling your prayers not only helps discipline oneself but also encourages the habit of praying for others. For instance, oftentimes, we forget about praying for a particular friend of ours who might need them. If you make it a habit to write down and make a spiritual to-do list, it will drastically improve things and help instill a positive outlook towards life.
  • An important pillar of the Christian faith is the sense of community and brotherhood between fellow Christians. God has emphasized the significance of this bond several times in the Bible; hence you should also prioritize community and look out for your fellow Christian and even non-Christian friends and loved ones. Jesus has always shown us how to practice kindness and sacrifice our needs to benefit others. As true Christians, we must follow His footsteps and set an example for the world.

John Harrison, the co-author of The 29 Day Leap, added, “My life has changed since meeting Dan and implementing his strategies around journaling and quiet time. Let me say that again; my life has changed since implementing a structured quiet time and journaling process following the 5 I’s. I now know how to spend time with the Father. My prayer is that you will take “the Leap” too!.”

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