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3 Ways The 29 Day Leap Can Help Improve Your Bond with the Lord

If you are a passionate Christian who loves reading and exploring spiritual books, you must add The 29 Day Leap to your collection. Written by Dan Buschow & John Harrison, The 29 Day Leap is not your typical run-off-the-mill religious book; it is an exclusive Daily Devotional Guide and Journal aimed at starting your spiritual growth journey.

The 29 Day Leap challenge will awaken the Christian in you and urge you to develop a one-on-one connection with the Lord. The book will teach you a practical and organic way of incorporating spirituality into your daily routine, bringing you one step closer to God.

Let’s look at ‘3 Ways The 29 Day Leap Can Help Improve Your Bond with the Lord’.

Number 1 – The 29 Day Leap Encourages You to Read the Bible

We all get so busy in the hustle and bustle of life that we do not even find the time to read the word of the Lord on a regular basis. So many of us are struggling with finding a work life and personal life balance that rekindling a spiritual connection with the Lord does not even cross our minds. How can one expect to build a pure bond with God if they do not even read the Bible regularly? That’s where The 29 Day Leap comes to rescue you.

This journaling guide requires you to read and learn a few verses from the Bible, so it is easier to manage with your busy routine. This daily reminder of reading even a few lines from the Bible helps you get well-versed with the teachings of Jesus, encouraging you to practice them on the go.

Number 2 – The 29 Day Leap Helps You Be Regular with Prayers

Praying is another important pillar of faith that devoted Christians need to practice daily and not just on Sundays. This is why The 29 Day Leap focuses on the significance of praying to help improve your communication with the Lord. When you have a special connection with the Lord, praying no longer seems like one-way communication.

The 29 Day Leap encourages various forms of praying, whatever seems convenient for you. Be it adoration, confession, supplication, with special emphasis laid on journaling. Journaling is a distinct form of praying, and The 29 Day Leap guide teaches you to use it to your advantage. The book uses journaling to urge you to be consistent and thorough with your prayers to help develop that pious attachment with Jesus.

Number 3 – The 29 Day Leap Develops a Sense of Community in You

Another great thing about following The 29 Day Leap guide is that it encourages you to pray not just for yourself but also for your loved ones. This helps invoke kindness and empathy in you when you pray and look out for others on a daily basis. Remember that kindness is the language of God, and there is no better way to form an emotional bond with Him.

The Bottom Line

The 29 Day Leap was developed with a special purpose in mind. Following this daily devotional guide and journal will instill a sense of responsibility in you. It will make you realize the dire need to work on your spiritual growth as an individual as well as a member of the Christian community.

Grab your copy of The 29 Day from Amazon or Barnes & Barnes. Visit the website www.29dayleap.com for more. Good luck!

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